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Project: European rollout of a new system landscape for an automotive captive financial services provider


Q MISSION’s client, an automotive captive financial provider establishes the European business activities. The products, functions and business processes are standardized and supported by a holistic, strategically unified system landscape across all countries. The blueprint is also prepared to cover for specific adaptions to meet local regulatory and legal requirements.

The project team consists of central and local teams from the customer and different suppliers like software providers, auditors and service providers. Q MISSION team contributed to the project from the very beginning with subject matter experts for financial services, quality management for go-live readiness and data migration. 







digit mln EUR

Time frame




  • Subject Matter Experts for Point of Sales, Contract Origination, Contract Management, Output Document Management, Wholesale Finance and Collections / Remarketing
  • Private
  • Small Business
  • Fleet
  • Wholesale


4 countries went live within less than 2 years
2nd highlight information


  • WP Point of Sales our consultants have defined the common functions and processes as well the local specific requirements within the system landscape. The project scope had also foreseen to integrate the Brand Partner Point of Sales landscape to foster a E2E experience for the Customer and Dealer Sales Person. 
  • Our consultant in the WP Output & Document management defined together with the markets and Software Partners the needed E2E Documents for each of the markets. As the sources for contract data varied the exact understanding of the complexity was necessary.
  • Within the WP Contract Origination our consultant identified the locally obligatory compliance checks and credit decision functionalities and processes. The needed integrations to the local specific agencies and regulators have been successfully implemented.
  • The Consultant in the WP Contract Management was responsible of defining the functionality and processes and of the role & right matrix for the system. His E2E capabilities from activation of a contract up to it`s termination have been a key factor for success.

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